If you do not have someone at your church who can provide you with biblical counsel, I offer biblical counseling via Zoom. Your first resource should be your pastor or women in your church who can disciple and guide you.

Unfortunately… Legal Stuff:

  • Because of limited availability, I am not able to take all counseling cases, and I reserve the right to refuse any counseling requests without explanation to the person who requests them.
  • For legal reasons, in the state of California, I am considered a “life coach,” and am insured by HPSO as such.
  • I am a certified ACBC counselor, but I am NOT a state licensed counselor.
  • I am NOT a health care provider and my services do not qualify as health care.

If you meet the following guidelines, feel free to contact me for biblical counseling (*life coaching):

  • You are female.
  • You do not have access to a local ACBC certified counselor.
  • You desire to know what the Bible has to say about your problems/issues -OR- you are counseling or discipling someone in your church and need help.
  • You are willing/able to pay an agreed-upon amount for your 45-minute counseling sessions.

If you would like to make an appointment, please email me at biblicalcounselinglive@gmail.com or call 661-360-6652.

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